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including many first world countries
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Starting from day first we stay with you from the time we apply in university
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Leading Student Consultancy Firm We are in business from more than a decade. We believe in Providing flawless support
that every student really deserve
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Syngergy Solutions provide the students reliable educational consultancy services in UK. Our professional consultants help you find which downstream you should take to be a successful professional later
We are building the bridge among our clients for a better career drive through our services.We are a service firm providing services in the field of Career Development as Career Advisor.
We offer our clients services which in turn create job opportunities. Our placements are through ever-growing potential companies where career development can be nurtured and flourished.

What We Can Offer You

We are leading student consultancy firm providing service from more than a decade. We assure you that your future will be in most safe hands with us.


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    Accredited Career Consultancy Firm in UK

    Synergy Solutions Private Ltd is a service firm providing services in the field of Career Development as Career Advisor. The main office of business is established in July 2012 in London.We are linking clients by means of their potential to a better career drive through our career oriented services as career adviser.

    We serve clients and provide them career development; training and development, education services and create opportunities for them as placement/internship with potential employers through our career development orientation in London and its surrounding area. We have gone through the training of British council for education in UK. Our agency is also approved by ALPHE and got certificates from REC (Institute of recruitment professionals).

    Why Choose Us

    We analyse the potential of different candidate, suggest them the right career development track and help them through our expert consultancy, provide them with internships and placements and giving them placements where their career could potentially build a strong infrastructure.

    We craft people’s potential through work experience.We are serving candidates with our expert knowledge and hand on experience in career development industry with strategic approaches and career oriented skills.

    Our main focus is Career Building of our candidates who come to us directly and indirectly to enhance their opportunities to grow and achieve objectives.

    Words From Our Clients

    The workshop that Synergy Solutions conducted was very helpful for me. They advised me every step of the way to boost my CV. I was offered a lot more placements after they altered my CV.
    Rejane Barbosa
    Synergy Solutions is a very straightforward consultancy who tell you exactly what needs to be done to get into a specific course. For Example: what training I need which is necessary for ACCA.
    Syed Furqan Ali
    As a small business owner I was spending a lot of money by having other companies or businesses to maintain my books. Synergy Solutions offered me a course in learning how to maintain my own books, and now I can use that money to expand my business!
    Tanveer Shaukat
    Business Owner
    Working with Synergy Solution gave an opportunity to enhance my CV and profile. The methods they use are helpful and useful. Mr. Saeed helped me to come out of my comfort zone. He was there throughout the process to offer professional support. I would highly recommend Synergy Solutions services to anyone like my self who is looking forward to adopt skills, directions and tangible outcomes. Thank you Synergy Solution
    Jaison Warner
    Attending the workshop helped me improve my interview skills. They taught me the simple yet valuable things that an employer looks for in an interview. For e.g. sitting up straight and making eye contact to the employer.
    Ketha Rai
    Business Owner
    Synergy Solutions was a great consultancy. They helped me figure out which courses I want to do, where I want to do it and also helped me reach my career goals which was to open my own practice.
    Hamayun Khan
    I was extremely pleased with the consultation I received from Mr. Muhammad Saeed. He really informed me about all the different range of courses I can do such as CIMA and about all the different universities that can deliver this course.
    Lingee Li
    The training provided and the support given was of excellent quality. I felt supported every step of the way and if I had a problem or a query it was dealt with rapidly. Easy to contact and quick at responding, outstanding support and great understanding of universities.
    Aqeel Ehsan

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